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The Walleye

I have only caught 1 walleye before, and to this day, I wonder if it really was a walleye... I caught it in McComb, Missipi, surprisingly right from shore! The second week of August 1999, I went up to the Bay Of Quinte. Quinte, is known as the number 1 walleye capital of th world. Still, most walleyes only "chill out" in Quinte in Spring and fall. Most walleyes over 5 years will migrate to Lake Ontario. Catching walleyes in Quinte is both very specific and expensive. Though my father and I didn't catch any walleyes, we were happy to catch largemouth, white perch and yellow perch.

In my experience, walleyes do not generally jump when fighting, rather, most of them stay down low whereas a smallmouth will jump.

On the Fish'n Canada show, Rene Viola often uses a powerbait power grub against walleyes. This is indeed a good lure for eyes. Chartreuse, yellow and various other yellowish colors are good for these fish. One trick you can use is that if pike are present, it probably means 'eyes are too. So, if there's pike, there's eyes.

This extract is from the ONTARIO FISHING GUIDE 3

Size and age(inches)
North Caribou lake, ont (53 north)

Recommended Walleye lures :

  1. Canadian wiggler
  2. Shad rap (sizes 5,7,8,9)
  3. Rapala Minnow
  4. Wally diver
  5. Smoo
  6. Poe's Lure
  7. River runt
  8. Twister tail and jig head
  9. Jig and lizard
  10. Weight forward spinner
  11. Worm harness
  12. Mepps Black fury sizes 1 to 3
  13. Marabou jig

Now, here are some recommended lures recommended by Henry Wasczuk and Italo Labignan.

The Fish'n Canada Show recommends :