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The Trout

I've caught a few trout before, but none of them were wild so if you consider those a "Catch" then, great, otherwise, well I didn't catch any. I went to the same trout farm. I'll tell you about my first experience. It was with a camp we went on a tour of the hatchery and then we got to catch a trout in the kiddie pool. It was too easy. Then, justas rcently as July 18th, me and my regular fishing partner, Martin went to the same Trout Hatchery as before but this time we fished the grown-up pond. It was sort of funny how it all happened. I was the only one catching fish! I caught 5 nice rainbows one measuring 12 inches, which was larger than average in the pond. The problem is though with trout farms is that you don't actually learn anything about reading the water. Still, its great to learn how to fish and a great way of getting a good meal. Now, most information is about lakers so, I'm going to tell you about brookies, browns and rainbows.

Brook Trout info

Rainbow trout

Brown Trout

Henry Wasczuk & Italo Labignan recommend :

Rainbows :

Brook Trout:

Brown Trout :

The hunting & fishing library recommends :

My tips

I can recommend corn. As well, I always recommend a worm. Attach the worm to a small hook but hide the hook and use no snap-swivels. When attaching a bobber, go low-pro consider using clear floats or Thill Floats. Experiment wit the depth of the hook, the day I was cathing trout, we set the hook 4 feet off the bobber, but whatever, give it a try.