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The Smallmouth Bass

I only cxaught my first Smallmouth on August 23rd 1998, and its size for my first was quite large. He was quite easily caught with pumpernickle bread.

Another big smallmouth I caught was caught with a worm and was quite yummy to taste.

Since my first smallmouth I have caught 3 Smallmouth over 2 lbs, all of which with live bait. I have, however, caught smaller sized smallmouth with artificals.

Ontario fishing guide extraction :

Size and age (inches)
Size and age (inches)
Smallmouth Bass (Opeongo Lake)
Smallmouth Bass (Lake Simcoe)

Recommended Smallmouth bass lures :

  1. Rapala or Bang-o-lure
  2. Fat Cat
  3. Tadpolly
  4. Shad Rap (sizes 5, 7, 8 or 9)
  5. Canadian Wiggler
  6. River Runt
  7. Hawaiian Wiggler
  8. Hula Dancer
  9. Safety pin spinner/creature
  10. Marabou jig
  11. Plastic worm texas-rigged
  12. Lizard and jighead
  13. Jig and twister tail

Henry Wasczuk and Italo Labignan recommend :

Five must-have baits for unknown lakes:

The Fishful Thinking show recommends :

The Hunting & Fishing library recommends :

Jigs (plastic trailers or pork rinds highly recommended to improve action)

Jigging Lures

My tips

  1. Worms, crayfish with no claws, soft-shell crayfish with no claws, minnows, leeches, hellgrammites (Live if preferable for minnows, especially)
  2. Other real baits like bread, roast beef... But, Smallmouth do not take live bait quite as quickly as do panfish. They inspect it first and engulf it whole while pans peck quickly at the loose ends. Oh yeah, a good hookset is critical!