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If there's one fish I caught, it's a perch. You may be surprised to know but my first perch was actually only caught this year. I saw some small early season guys in the Ottawa River. They were feeding on the rocky shore. I was using a fluorescent green Mepps Aglia 2. On the first cast, I caught sumethin'. Then, when I went fishing in the St. Lawrence, I was casting worms and bobbers and I must have caught at least a dozen perch that day. On the Bay of Quinte, Perch populations are exploding! Problem is though, their average size is quite small, but that is expected to change. Trolling size 5 crankbaits or small rattlebaits prove well on busting the school. For jumbos in almst any body of water, consider bodies where perch have been present for some time and, August is the best time to catch jumbos. My best perch is a 9 1/2 incher caught with a worm & bobber, anything that is too big will scare a jumbo. The day I caught him, I am certain I saw 2 bigger perch.

Henry Wasczuk and Italo Labignan recommend :

Spoons (tiny)
Jigs(ultra-light) or jig-spinners are good
Ice Fishing

The Hunting & Fishing library recommends :

The good old worm & bobber is definitely the way to go in most circumstances. Still, don't hesitate using small cordell hot spots, shad raps, wally divers or mepps spinners. Oh yeah, and when you've caught one, you may want to anchor and catch more. Also, about crankaits, consider natural colors, either perch or perhaps baby bass for clearer waters. Baby bass is quite effective when largemouths are present. Still, silver is often the way to go. For jumbos (9 inches+) often bigger, is WORSE! Go small and if possible go classical.