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I was debating with myself as to whether or not put up a page about the largemouth at the early stages of this webpage. I decided not to do so as the largemouth, as I once thought was too southern. Then, when I went to the bay of Quinte, my father caught a largemouth weighing about 3/4 lb landing it sucessfully a few short seconds after I lost my fish. Some hours later, while trolling a Cotton Cordell Rattler I caught two 1/2 lb. largemouths consecutively. Right then and there, ideas began to come to mind. Well, here we are.

On August 26, I was caoeing and fishing in the Kemptville Creek. Me and my brother went fishing. We decided we would have a fish feast. A largemmouth lurked in the area. We were thrwing worms & bobbers. The water was clear so I could see when he was on the take. I set the hook, but he became unbottuned with a quick open of his mouth. Some time later, my brother hooked him. He weighed in at just under 2 lbs with a lenght of 14 inches. Very impressive for a creek no deeper than knee-depth and no wider than a few yards. I encouraged him to release it, but he decided to keep it. He was tasty though! On August 30, my last day of the summer. A friend and I went canoeing and fishing on lac Phillippe. My friend has since lost much of his interest in fishing. An area between an island and the shore appeared productive. The water was clear. I was throwing a tandem spinnerbait. He was throwing a colorado white spinnerbait. He yelled "Got one" My response was, "so do I" my fishing was comparatively smaller, but my friend was happy as it was his biggest fish as well as his first artificially caught one. It weighed about 1/2 lb. I caught one more on my spinnerbait. When the water flattened out, I threw a pop-r. I used the pop, pop pause retrieve. I caught two. I almost caught one when I threw it long out by a tree. I had not yet began my retrieve only to find the popper submerged under the water. Though I did lose him, I began to realize just how productive it was. Total tally : 7 between us.

I also realize that spinnerbaits are much better for largemouths than for smallmouths. Why this is I am not certain but, if you do not believe me, try throwing a big spinnerbait a smallmouth and you will see him spook. Smaller single-bladed models are better for smallmouth and older largemouths while double bladed models may spook even young smallmouth. Think about it.

Here is the fishes that me and my "brother" caught. I caught a big rock bass and a small smallmouth, my "brother" with his 2 pounder.